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The Love of Magical Wood

The Faculty


This is the club for all wizards of at least 10 days old. It tries to be the democratically organised Wizards Guild.

The goal is to provide some sort of presence of structure to the University environment the Wizard guild is built upon. Sadly Discworld lacks any concrete coding in this area. Which is why the club 'Faculty' is here to pick up the pieces. It has done so for many years quite nicely. Older, or simply experienced Wizards take the lead in the various areas of the club, while the younger Wizards often benefit from the labour put in by those gone before them. They then join the ranks as they age to continue the process. Faculty essentially breaks down into three important areas.

At anytime please feel free to 'refer Faculty', and ask after it's members for additional help and direction. Or ask over the talker. Here I will try to give a good understanding of what you can gain from Faculty so you shouldn’t have to ask others.

The Wibble Fund


Student wizards can get a scholarship from the Wibble Fund. Applications should be made using mud-mail to the hands and feet of the Wibble Board, copied to the Chancellor and The Dean of College.

The amount of the grant is largely based on the amount of effort you put into your application. An in character letter of a decent length will stand you in good stead.

More information is available at: http://www.geocities.com/solaria9/magic/wibble.html

I would encourage anyone directed here to take a few minutes to read through the process offered in the link above. It may seem difficult to navigate the steps involved, especially if your new to the Disc, or mudding itself. So if thats the case for you please contact a Faculty member, or myself, or even a liaison (they know a relevant thing or two), and ask for direction on some of the more technical points you might struggle with. Such as where the post office is, how you send mail, and who exactly you are writing to. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will help if you ask.



Young wizards can get an apprenticeship with an experienced tutor to learn about magic. Applications should be made using mud-mail to the Dean of Liberal Studies. 'refer faculty' for current position holder.

Seeing as I have recently been appointed as Dean of Liberal Studies I have decided to reinstitution the Apprenticeship Program after it's lengthy period in the land of inactivity. Given the name, and the fact that it is a liberal pursuit (taking in individuals to work as they freely desire) I will attempt to set a foundation that captures that ideal and brings forth the most fruit at the same time. My hope is to put out an idea for Master and Apprentices that is easily understood, and then offer guidance as to what all of this is about, and why such a scheme should be useful. Beyond that I will do my best to offer a forum to bring some visible and public light on who is participating, so that the Apprenticeship Program can become a well instituted part of being in the Wizards Guild.


Masters are those Wizards who have been around the Disc long enough that they feel they have something to pass on to other Wizards. Over time all Wizards get a feel for their craft. Over time this sense of confidence and knowledge begins to manifest itself in places such as the talker, or on websites. Not all Wizards who advance on in their years do take active part in these forums however. Yet still, the sense is there and is as common as the sun rising in the sky.

It's at this point in a Wizards studies that he may wish to take on an Apprentice, thus becoming a Master in his own right. That isn’t to say he is the complete and utter embodiment of Magical Law. But it is enough to say that he feels confident in his ability to lead a younger Wizard on his way through the beginner perils. As a requirement a Master must be at least 4th Level within his Order, or higher. Other than that he really only needs a well rounded understanding of the Disc. It is the Masters duty to know his Students goals, his strengths, and his weakness. The Master must be constantly aware of his safety, and yet lead him to all manner of places to pass on the knowledge he holds. It is a privilege to have an apprentice, and so should be treated with all due respect. Relatively speaking of course.


Apprentices are the fledging young Wizards of the Discworld who have decided to bite the bullet and submit themselves to the rigors of an aged Master. Naturally this comes at a certain cost of freedom. But brings with it the chance to gain knowledge faster through the efforts of the Master gone before them.

Apprentices are those Wizards new to the art who wish to grow old and go far. This should be their primary reason for undergoing an apprenticeship. In a manner of speaking it is serious business. You will gain the benefit of having a superior responsible for overseeing your progression, and helping you along the way. It is hard for me to say exactly what it is you will gain from the experience. But I will say that, given both parties holding to their interest, the chances to learn something profitable will be plentiful. It is for that reason that being an Apprentice should be regarded as an honour under your Master, and all efforts to take part in the process should be taken to the best of your abilities to engage that process when you can. For better or for worse the relationship formed between young Apprentice and old Master will be long standing, and life changing. For that reason alone it is a worthy experience.


One question I suspect many will ask is why? Why take on the added facet of the Apprenticeship Program. I cant begin to answer that question for the individual. But I can offer some general answers that may interest you, or give you something you could ascribe to.

I will start off with:

Role Play. You might like to do it completely. You might not like to do it at all. Or, you might have found yourself doing it in small doses that you couldn’t help not to. However much, or little, the Apprenticeship Program offers a huge Role Play advantage to the game. You will be forging a strong, long standing, public, and visible relationship both in character and out. Someone with whom you can 'take on the Disc' with. For that reason alone it might be hard for you to miss.

Magical Law. It's there. We all learn it. It comes piece by piece a little at a time. Sometimes you can go to a site that offers insight. But more than anything you will find you pick it up by trial and error, and via questions over the talker. Having a Master, or an Apprentice is an opportunity. For the Apprentice it is an opportunity to have someone he can go to in order to ask the wealth of questions he will have on any given topic. He can get a thorough understanding on even some of the most minute subjects. As much as his Master can offer, or wants to offer as the case may be.

For the Master though, having an Apprentice and being asked questions will be a chance to reveal to him what he doesn’t know. There is a lot to learn about Magic. No one knows it all. But having two minds working within the relationship offered by the Apprenticeship Program is a profound way for for both to learn something a little bit more, and a whole lot faster.

XP/Loot. It is a well known and experienced fact that younger Wizards have a tremendously difficult time getting started. It's not just the spell castings, and learning the in's and outs of the Wizards guild. It is the base and raw areas of xp and money. Magic is an expensive art. It is slow coming, and requires a lot of time. An Apprentice gains the aid of his Master in progressing the ranks. He is allowed to accompany him on his travels, finding treasures, and scourging the land of lesser filth and troublemakers (or whatever  it is you tell yourself so you can sleep at night). The Apprentice then gets a huge boost of incoming xp, and the money to pay for his next levels.

The Master gains someone to teach. But also someone to aid him. He has a group member, a pack mule, and perhaps an eye pickler. Carrot gatherer would also be a suitable function. All in all we know the benefits of having a second Wizard with an EFF swooping in to take half the other blows that would have been meant for us. Even if they are a progressing, low level Wizard. This is one area that cuts both ways.


So you've taken an interest in becoming a Master or Apprentice. I'm sure you're asking 'how?'. Given that this is a player run project under the long standing Faculty club, we are forced to keep up our own player organised standards and solutions. That is hardly a bother.

The first step is to speak with, or mud-mail the Dean of Liberal Studies so he is aware of your activity in the area. From there the Dean will worj with you to try and find a suitable match with any available Masters willing to take on an Apprentice.


Or rather- What now? Once the process has been dealt to and Master and Apprentice are finally standing face to face, blinking, and wondering what to do next, you might as well just pick up your skirts and get on with it. Masters may wish to take the lead at this point. Ask about current goals, and set them. Keep them in mind and check up on them when you get together. Share your own goals, and intentions. Questions may arise from such information which may lead to further discovery. Keep in touch whenever you find your Master/Apprentice online just to check in and make plans for future play (you might be busy sometimes). Really anything you want to do from here on out is up to you. The players can take the reigns and see where it leads them.

 If anyone has any better suggestions then please feel free to put them forward.

The Experimentation Team


The Team performs systematic experimentations with magic. For information, contact the Dean of Experimentation.

Largely forgotten, this area of the Faculty needs YOU!

Experimentation is the corner stone of Wizardry. You may call it High Art. You may call it a Magical Profession. You may even call it your Mastery. But truth be told none of us really knows what we're doing, and just how in over our heads we are. We learn, of course. We learn by trial and error. We experiment. We gain understanding, and share information. We spend hours upon hours mulling about, thinking over, and getting a feel for what we do. Sometimes some of us even go as far as to write something down. We specialise, and focus in on some tiny fragment of magical law. It's at that stage that we begin compiling data, and producing bodies of written information that others can easily access. That is what the Experimentation Team is all about. We are here to pose the questions, pick up the hypothesis, and test them for validity.

If you would like to make yourself available for a project, or just seek advice on how to go about magical inquiry, contact the Dean of Experimentation via mudmail or in game Tell. Refer Faculty for the current position holder.