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My Services

My philosophy on creating a permanent light source for a customer is to try and cater as best I can to the specific desires and needs of the individual. In my time creating I have found there to be a few common approaches that people tend to go for. Below I will detail the finer points for you to read over and think about. If I am not to busy I am also happy to talk further with you in game.

Option 1

The common approach. It's rather simple. You pay thirty royals, and I give you one perma light. No hidden costs, no extra charges. You simply provide the object you want as your light source, and within 15 minutes to 48 hours, a perma light will be created and ready for you to.

Option 2

You provide the wands, commonly known as 'Free Zapping'. You gather your own balsa wands and I will take the time to zap them for you for free. There is no service fee included, however it comes with one catch. I take no responsibility for the end product, or lack there of. You need a total of five consecutive zaps to make a perma light. Any failure at any stage during the process means starting over again from the beginning. There are pros and cons to this method. Overall it could work out considerably cheaper. But you are gambling, and as gambling goes you might just end up purchasing a lot of balsa wands to get your end result. Excessive failures during the process arnt entirely common. But it has been known to happen. You might just have to try your luck and hope the dice don’t roll up poorly for you.

Option 3

So you have an item with some light already in it, or you have some amount of balsa wands with charges but not enough, and you're wanting those to be conjoined and a perma' made. If that's the case then I 'sell' extra balsa zaps from my stocks for 5 royals a piece. However these are what you might call 'singles', and so like with option 2 if anything should go wrong the process will be over, and a new arrangement will need to be made before any further action is taken. The reason being that this is a little more choppy and messy from the norm, so I don’t want to go out of my way to promote it and create further hassle for myself. I think though that as is, it is fair, and I haven’t had anyone say otherwise when approaching from this angle.


My preference is Lancre, however AM is a fine alternative. I take payment upon completion, unless it is the preference of the customer to pay in advance. If however after creation the customer fails to log on/contact me for retrieval over a certain 'long' length of time, I will sell the perma on to reimburse the costs to make it.


Some items are not balsa friendly. I will do my best to advice you from the base of my knowledge if and when you come to me with your desires. I'm usually pretty clear, so head my warnings if one is given. Generally though any item can be perma'd, and I am happy to do it.

The Trade


What you should know about the Trade:

I'll be honest. I don’t wholly enjoy making perma' lights. The process is expensive, time consuming, and often frustrating. It it not the walk in the park that is Enchanting, or the ride over the lake that is crafting Eelegant Rings. Nor is it the diversion from your day to day brewing to go off and cast Delusions of Grandeur on some young bucks custom-make sword. Creating Perma Lights is a high end process that few who undertake truly say they thoroughly enjoy.

Personally with every perma light I make I find it more and more tiresome. However that's not to say I am, or will ever be, utterly put off by it. There are positive sides to the process that, for me, make it worthwhile in the end. For one you can make a lot of money. For two you get to say you can make perma' lights. For three you get the satisfaction of handing over the finished product to an elated customer. I set out to be a crafter of things from the moment I started playing, and perma' lights are amongst those things I wanted to craft. So for me I have an endearing love for this sort of thing which keeps me happy, and going. My advice for anyone looking into this then is that it really isn’t for everyone, and you should seriously consider why you want to get involved with it in the first place before investing a whole lot of time and energy. You will likely find it easier to make money, and just buy perma's off someone else. Crafting is a lovers affair, and that's all I have to say about that.

What you need to get started:

Skill: Your bonus in magic.items.held.wand determines your ability to zap. There is still some question concerning skill vs. pass/fail, but currently it is widely held that no matter your skill there is always a reasonably high chance of failure. That aside it is recommended to have at least a 430 bonus in ma.it.he.wa, though you can get away with less on good luck alone (350 if you are really game). I would recommend getting a statted 450. Using flat cap/bronze helm, and the OC shrines +2 wisdom boost can aid you here. But the more the better in my opinion. It's likely that the success chance for balsa wands is capped (it seems to be the case), but there's a chance we're wrong on that.

Money: Fact is, Balsa wands are not cheap. They start at just over three hundred dollars for a wand with a single charge, and increase by seventy dollars for an additional charge up to a maximum of three. They're also rare. Locating them (if you don’t know what you're doing) can be troublesome. But should you, be prepared to pay out a lot of money to get your trade going. I recommend saving up on your journey advancing in preparation. Or if it suits you, taking payment ahead of creation under the premise of a long crafting period. However this may not suite your customer.

Procedure: The last thing you are really going to want is a procedure that will see the job done as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Making use of storage, and blorples will help with this. Three important locations for me in my crafting are the vault in OC, the shrine in OC, and most importantly- Brother David’s on short street in AM. Be warned, a failed zap from a balsa wand not only ruins the crafting process for you, but also inflicts a rather long and serious damage-over-time (DoT) effect. If I could offer one piece of advice for someone who just picked up a balsa wand and wanted to zap somethingwith it, it would be wise to be prepared for the event of failure. It can kill you if you are not prepared for it. But having tea/healing wands/and a blorple to a safe location will keep you comfortably alive. Whatever you do, don’t keep zapping. One failure is manageable, but two will strike you down faster than the God's would a heathen inside the cloister.