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  • What do I do now?
  • Questions, and the Talker.
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So You Want To Become A Wizard?


What have you gone and done now? Stumbled into the Unseen University I see and signed up as an Initiate. Sure, it seemed like a good idea after a few rounds at the Drum. But now that you've sobered up a bit you've found yourself in the lurch. You're in school now. Your profession is the high art of Magic. That, and shining the boots of Graduates, and Order Seniors alike! Well no matter. There's naught that can be done about it now. You might as well accept the fact that your dreams of becoming a Barbarian Hero are now over, and sell yourself over to the pot-belly, frock wearing, strange and mystical ways of the Wizard. But look on the bright side. The institute serves it's own meals. Here we love Pie.

What do I do now?


The path of a new Wizard is a hard one. It is slow, and labourous. In terms of progress it is considered one of, if not the hardest guilds to join. But in the long term it is considered by most to be of the utmost rewarding. The journey to mastering magic takes due time. But it is rich with joyful benchmarks along the way. Here I will offer some compiled thoughts on how you can get started. In the early days a Wizard has many difficulties to overcome. In his later years he will be a force to be reconed with. For starters though, lets take a look at some of the key points.

Questions, and the Talker


To get you started this one is simple. Locate yourself a talker. Turn on the Wizards channel. We are a guild that relies, and runs on a large collective body of knowledge with a dabbling of wisdom that is almost entirely shared through haughty proclamations of intellectual superiority, and colossal debates based on subjective experience. In otherwords we are open to a lot of Q&A concerning Wizardly things in a public forum, and we readily use the talker to espouse that function. Most anyone, including Undergraduates, can bring a newbie up to speed with what he needs to know over the talker. But don’t expect a silver platter to be handed to you loaded down with ripe, and ready to eat fruits. Sometimes you'll be directed to an available resource which will provide the information you need.

Happy studying.



If you've made it this far then you probably have a small bundle of experience points under your belt. The Unseen University provides a wealth of facilities for it's budding population of blissfully unaware Undergraduates, and cynical Graduates alike, to advance in their Wizardry. All Wizards first make their journey through the Student Lounge, used most notably for advancement.

The guild offers teaching in a wide range of skills. While Magic is what it primarily offers, other skill trees can also be advanced to a small degree. The question is what do you focus on first to get you off on the right step?

Three key areas come to mind and are mentioned anytime this question is raised.

Hit Points

Your total hit points are a factor of constitution and strength multiplied against your other.health skill. But lets not get to technical. All you need to know is that the guild offers 25 levels of training in other.health, and that advancing those 25 levels should be one of your top priorities. It will give you a large hit points boost that will keep you safe and happy from things like teeth, and sharp metal objects. Both of which will be the peril of your day to day life from this moment onward.


You're a Wizard. Melee isn’t your strong suite. But never the less it will serve you even in miniscule amounts, and especially early on in your progression. The guild offers 10 levels of the fighting skill tree and it is wise to consider seizing that to give you that extra something for the combative situations you will most certainly find yourself in. As sad as it is to say, low level magic can leave something to be desired where the demise of your enemies is concerned. However as they say of the tried and true, daggers and swords, as simple as they are, are, and will always be quite effective for bloodshed. They also TM quite quickly after the first few levels are gained from your guild. So they provide a good means early on to get the experience and money you so desperatly desire.


Lastly and most importantly: Magic. It is the life blood of Wizardry. It is what sets us apart from the rest of the skerb, and makes us who we are. The magic skill tree is broad, and contains many skills which need to be used in varying groups in order to produce any spells. At low levels it can be easy enough to TM. But for the most part you will be wanting to throw almost all of your experience into this area in order to gain access to new, more difficult, more advanced spells sooner. You will find it to be a costly process, but it is where you want to start. You will need a basic mastery in order that you may begin the use of practical magic. More will follow below on exactly where you should begin, and what you will get out of it.

The Gym


The Gym, located downstairs from the Student Lounge, is a room designed for the practical use of magic. It is where most budding young students begin their training. There are a few key reasons why.

First the gym is home to 'Begynners' Magick'- The old tomb that holds a good host of zero level spells. Over the years these spells have served as the starting place for all young Wizards. They are there for easy access to get you casting your first spell within no time. They are also designed to help you TM quickly to advance important magic skills without cost.

Second the gym is a magically dead zone. The room has been specially designed to drain away all residual magic into the tiles. This is a fortunate thing because as you will one day learn first hand, the excessive accumulation of magical thaumic residual in an area can invite the presence of 'Thyngs'.

Thirdly you will see Dwmmigh. Dwmmigh is the Unseen University's very own resident demon. For practical reasons he has been bound to the gym to act as a target for your magic use. Feel free to see just how much magical affliction you can dish out on him.

Finally the gym being the student friendly location that it is also plays home to the old, battered chest. Through the wonders of magic, Wizards only of a certain level may take items from the chest. Meanwhile the older more advanced Wizards have the charge of topping it up with useful objects and spell components as they see fit. It's always worth having a look in while you can access it to see if there isn’t something in there to help get you going. And remember, one day it will be your turn to fill it up.



There is a lot that could be said concerning spells. We Wizards have a huge arsenal at our disposal to cater for a whole host of needs. In it's simplest form though spells break down into three categories. Offensive, Defensive, and Miscellaneous. It's up to the individual where precisely he starts. I wont give any definitive answers. However I will offer the common approaches for your consideration so you can decide where you want to begin yourself. This will only get you rolling. After that you should seek the talker for additional information.


For the fledging Wizard, still scared, frail, and red faced from tears having just been weaned from his mothers bosom, the world of offensive magic can seem like a scary and complicated thing. And why shouldn’t it? There is no greater force on the Disc for sheer damage output than a Wizard manipulating spells upon the delicate field of magic that somehow holds the world together. But before one gets to Master Bigley's Grimoir of 'Massively Destructive Spells', one must first master his low to mid level offensive spells which will see him through his day to day hassles, cleaning up the scum from he face of the Disc. I will now offer some brief notes, and two common paths that you might like to consider for your own advancement into the world of offensive magic.

Firstly we all have to start somewhere. If you have just enrolled as a Wizard then it's safe to say that your skills are going to be minimal, and your xp is going to be limited. Your offensive spell options aren’t so much 'options' (or even 'offensive' for that matter) as they are toys, or lessons to get you on your way TM'ing and grasping the concept of spell casting. But that's not to say they are not without their more obvious uses. You will want to head straight to the UU Gym, open up the Tome 'Begynners' Magick', and have a look for Malich's Penetrating Ocular Lance. This is as simple as offensive magic gets, and you will find yourself at home using it to eradicate the rat and cockroach infestation of Ankh Morpork. In a place like the Pepper Pot, or on the Ankh, you should be able to put it to use and get yourself some xp, as well as channelling TM's. Or, used in conjunction with the classic street-search in AM, you can dig up rats and cockroaches while searching for burried "treasure" *cough*. Alternatively you could learn the spell Rugged Victor's Rodentia Vivisection, which has much the same function as Lance, but is used only for rats with the chance of a slightly different outcome.

The next step up from the above is Memories of a Vicious Chicken (MVS). Don't get to excited. MVC isn't going to level a market square. But it is going to offer you a greater damage output early on in your wizarding when you're going to be struggling to find a foothold. Despite being capped rellatively low.

The skills needed are Healing, Summoning, and Animating. The bonuses required are quite obtainable straight off the bat. For an assured cast, Healing should be 160, Summoning 150, and Animating 180. But don't worry if you start with below these bonuses. The spell will TM from menial bonuses in all three skills.

As for components, MVS requires a chicken feather to cast (not quite consumed thanks to recent changes, read on). Over the years consumable feathers have been the bane of this spell. Chickens have either been rare, in high demand, or unreachable to Undergrads. Older Wizards far surpass the spells usefulness by the time they're in a position to reach chickens on their own. However in recent times the spell has been changed so that once a feather has been used to cast the spell the component will remain on the targets inventory. Once killed the feathers can be re-collected from the corpse of the target. To get going however- chicken feathers can be taken from chicken corpses by simply using 'get'. Chickens can be found on the farm in Dinky (during day time), and in Lancre Town. Every chicken contains five feathers. More helpful to a low level wizards however is the fact that feathers can now be taken from a pet chicken with the use of the 'pluck' command. Pet Chickens can be purchased from the Pet Store on Kings Way, AM. On the map that's directly north of the Drum on the other side of Dog's Collar, heading north towards Deosil Gate. Plucking a chicken has a five minute cool down, so don't expect to be stripping your pet chicken raw. However this feature to the game opens the way for functional gathering, and use of chicken feathers in the spell MVS. Effectively Wizards can now gather chicken feathers without having to go out of their way. Ask around on the talker if anyone can provide a handful to get you going. A quick trip to Lancre can work wonders. And for poultry's sake: look after your chicken!

 *Note: MVC does about 130 damage a cast max. This means that four to five casts can kill an accountant in AM (a great source of early income)*

But I digress. Let's face it, this is the boring end of offensive magic, and with any effort you wont be thinking about this for to long. So let's summarise and move on:- You have to start somewhere and this is it. Use the spells to grasp what it means to use offensive magic, and get whatever early TM's and xp you can out of it. Then (like now) move on to some more important spells.


Mid-level Offensive Magic. The concept is to get something, anything, up and running as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Wizards who have come and gone through this stage now look back upon the process and see two viable options to take. Each with their positive points to consider. There may be more, but these are two tried and true approaches.


Kamikaze Oryctolagus Flammula (KOF) and Pragi's Fiery Gaze (PFG) are the two most commonly used spells in the game. For three reasons. First the skills required are not to troublesome to attain. Secondly the components are lightweight, readily available, if not relatively cheap. Third and finally they do excellent damage. These are spells you will still be using when you are a Master.

I wont get to heavy on the ins and outs of the spells. They are quite clever, and you will discover just what they can do. However I will give you the rough requirements I suggest you aim for in order to start TM'ing well, and producing a strong offensive spell. One minor note: Fire is ineffective against Trolls. So you will need to find an alternative method to deal with them. Such as EHA (explored below).

The beauty of Kamikaze Oryctolagus Flammula is that it only has two skill methods you need to advance. You will want your convoking at around 130 bonus in order to start TM'ing well, with a bonus of 170 to very likely succeed. For fire you will want a bonus of 105 at least for TM'ing, with a bonus of 145 to very likely succeed. However more skill will produce better results, and as you continue to advance them you will produce more bunnies dealing better damage, while casting faster. Be warned though. Failure can produce the event of backfires. It is always a good idea to have some blue water, or healing tea on hand in case of this event. With a healthy few hit points though, you should live through it.

The one troublesome factor newbies have with this spell is carrots. They are problematically expensive for the low level Wizard, and you may find it difficult to obtain them. Without any skill in purchasing, they'll be just under a dollar in most places. However they can also be obtained for free with a little bit of skill in cr.hu.pl.ed from various gardens about the Disc. One such garden can be found in the Temple of Small Gods, in AM. Another in Dinky. Other locations for carrots are: The fruit and Veg shop on Baker Street, just south of the Drum, AM. The fruit and Veggie stall on Market St, south of The Plaza of Broken Moons, AM. Carrot Farmers in the Plaza of Broken Moons, and along Upper Broadway, AM. The Wizards Shop in the Wizards Guild, Creel Spring. Fruit and Veg stall in Djb Market, Tarnach's in the Magical Emporium off Sator Square, AM. And others still. Ask on the talker for more. You will also need a torch.

As an extra note to give you something to explore: With a few extra gp, and the raising of your skills, you can cast this spell against multiple select targets, as well as 'merging' carrots. That should give you something to look into.

Pragi's Fiery Gaze is a little more complicated in terms of skills than KOF, but a lot less complicated in terms of components. PFG is considered the prize of offensive magic for Wizards. We all love it. You will too.

The skills needed are Evoking, Channeling, Enchanting, Animating, and Fire. You will need to work a little in order to obtain the required bonuses needed to cast this spell effectively. Without them you will cast slowly, and have many backfires. But dont worry, the norm is around 200-400hp of damage, with the rare event of wild miscasts (it happens to all of us with all spells) which can do 1k+. One warning I will offer is not to cue pfg casts in the gym, and leave your character unattended. You may come back to find DEATH.

As for the bonuses, to cast safe and effectively I will say to aim for: Evoking 200, Channeling 200, Enchanting 210, Animating 200, and Fire 220. By all means though try the spell out earlier. You will TM. This spell is very generous to the fledging Wizard, and as long as you're paying attention and not being stupid it wont kill you.

Finally the only component you will need is eyes. Eyes can be cut from any corpse using a knife or dagger. You may wish to pickle them using a stick created from Collatrap's Instant Pickling Stick (CIPS), located in the Gym Tome. But otherwise you just pick them up as you go about killing.

Final note: PFG is an area effect spell. It targets everything in the room with you. Including hidden, and unseen NPC's. Use with glee, and caution respectivly.


Effermhor's Hypersonic Assault (EHA) is the single offensive spell I will be exploring for your consideration should you chose to take this, less taken, more interesting route. The skills required are somewhat demanding, there is a consumable, purchasable, component (beeswax candles) to it, and failures have the chance of dealing a few hundred HP damage. Not to mention blowing your clothes off. However in it's favour: It effects Trolls (unlike KOF/PFG), it has primaries used in other spells you will use frequently which will help a communitive TM expedition (such as JPCT, and TPA), and it's damage is solid and consistent. Since it's likely JPCT (Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel) will be one of the first spells you get working, and TPA (Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator) is an imperative defensive spell choice to all Wizards, EHA is viable if not an interesting choice on an offensive magic path.

Now for bonuses. To get on your way TM'ing with a reasonable standard of success I would recommend bonuses of at least: Evoking 210, Channeling 216, Binding 210, Dancing 230, Air 210.

Finally Components. You will need a Jar of Screaming Mandrake Roots, found in the Wizards Guild in Djb, or the Alchemists Guild in AM. Also you will need beeswax candles. These can be purchased from various light shops (such as the stall in OC), or Tarnach's in the Magical Emporium in Sator Square among other places. Beeswax Candles can also be made. Witches are especially good at this. You may wish to order some in trade, or ask about creating them yourself.


Magical Defence for the Wizard is a multi-layered affair. In the same way a Barbarian slaughters other animals to pick off their coats, and cover himself snugly from his brick-of-a-head, down to the claws of his toes for a cold winter. We too use our own means to cover ourselves up in every possible way so that we feel safe, snug, and warm while out and about on our mindless killing expeditions.

To start with you will want to head to the Gym. The first defensive spell you will ever cast will be Sorklin's Field of Protection (SFP). It is a magical impact shield, very basic, quick to cast, and will hold off a light beating from the sorts of things you will likely be fighting at the low levels you will be casting it. It also TM's important skills for it's older brother spell Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator (TPA), which you will be moving on to as soon as possible.

The spell requires a shield as it's sole component. You will do well purchasing a medium leather shield from the Leatherwork Shop on the west side of the Plaza of Broken Moons, just south of the Unseen University. It's light weight, and can fit into most big packs. The bonuses needed to get this spell working and TM'ing are: Evoking: 90, Air 70, and Channeling 100. These skills are so low that just by advancing magic in general you will probably achieve these requirements and more. Then TM whatever you can from it.

Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator (TPA) is considered to be the best shield in the game, and why shouldn’t it be? It reduces all regular incoming attack damage to zero. The attacks never get through. At least not without a serious beating first. TPA works in the same way as SFP, but with a much greater duration, and the ability to take much more damage. The skills necessary to cast it therefore reflect this. But before I move on to bonuses there are two important things I would like to note. First: Your bonus in ma.sp.defensive plays the biggest role in determining the strength of your shield. While SFP caps very low in this regard, TPA continues to grow stronger into the upper ends of your ma.sp.defensive levelling. Second: It's believed that your ma.me.el.air bonus plays a big role in the standard duration time of your TPA. TPA's expire after a time regardless of if they have taken hits or not.

There are five spell methods used in the casting of TPA. Here are my recommended bonuses to aim for to get it working and TM'ing: Evoking 117, Air 140, Chanting 130, Enchanting 145, Channeling 155.

As for components you will require a shield, like with SFP, and a handful of ash (consumed). At some stage you may like to 'upgrade' your shield to what's known as a Mounted Pewter Shield. It is a very small, very light shield that fits snugly in most storage containers. It's so small it cant actually be used as a shield, and is more a wall ornament than anything. Regardless you can purchase one of these from one of the (shifting) stalls in the market in Djb, and use it as a shield component. They don’t come cheap though. At a converted cost of $150AM, you might want to start saving your pennies, or beg a friend to help you out. Other than that your main issue will be acquiring ash. There are a few locations over the Disc where ash can be found. However the main location used these days is your local smithy. What you will need to find first though is a broom. Large push brooms can be found in the tool shop on Ettercup Street, off Short Street in AM. However you will likely want to get your hands on a Small Ornamental Broom. These are compact and lightweight, easily fitting in your pack. They come from NPC Monks in Bes Pelargic, so are typically out of reach of your standard lowbie Wizard. However it's worth checking the gym chest as older Wizards make it a habit to provide brooms there. However should there be none, ask after one on the talker as someone is likely to fetch you one. TPA is that important for a Wizard.

Endorphin's Floating Friend (EFF). If layers are where it's at, then EFF is to be considered the outer most layer of a Wizards defensive capabilities. It acts as the first line of defence, having a floating mass orbit around you and swoop in to block incoming blows. Anything it happens to miss is therefore caught by TPA. It is a very straightforward spell with only a few notes to go over. For starters EFF more or less levels with the caster. Your magic.special.defensive bonus determines your ability to float any given shield (based on weight) effectively. That means more swoops to block more hits. The idea is that you use the best shield for your current skills, and over time you progress shields as you advance higher. Eventually reaching the heaviest shields there are when you decide to level that far.

There are only three methods used for EFF making it quickly accessible. It TM's very well, including TM'ing ma.sp.de. The bonuses you will need to get started are: Evoking 100, Animating 140, Binding 160 (but shield dependant). To find out what sort of shields you can float relevant to your ma.sp.de bonus head to Sined's site here.

The only component needed for this spell is the shield with which you are casting it on. This would conclude my recommendations for a fledging Wizards defensive focuses, however...

Chrenedict's Calcareous Covering (CCC) deserves it's proper respects and attention. Especially since you will come to learn that it will save your life many many times. CCC is a little out of reach for the beginning Wizard if only because the binding requirements in the final spell stage is quite high. That and components can be expensive. When the early days are all about necessity, CCC tends to take a back foot in the defensive line-up. There are other places you will be wanting to spend your xp, and you certainly wont have the cash to spare while you do it. However, if your order is friendly to CCC (having at least the binding, or both binding and earth primaries) you may like to take the time out to acquire the skills. It is certainly well worth it as a final defence against incoming attacks, especially while you flee to safety. The troll skin effect dramatically reduces sharp and pierce damage (near invulnerable), which most NPC's use. Watch out for blunt and unarmed however.

If you are casting this spell you want to cast for success. You're likely to TM, but considering the nature of the 3 consumable components, you wont be casting it willy-nilly. There are two methods over the three stages. To cast successfully you will need bonuses of: Earth 180, Binding 280, but more in both will produce greater results, especially if stacking.

Finally components. The easiest way is to find a kit in one of the P-shops about the Disc. However- sap can be purchased from the Alchemist Guild in AM, the ILL store in Djb, or harvested from trees in BP (with some skill). Varnish can be located in a store off Cockbill Street in AM. While white mineral powder can be made by pulverising white pebbles, chipped from rocks, which can be brought on quarry lane. All components can be purchased at Tarnich's in the Magical Emporium across from UU. Be aware, before you can begin casting CCC you will need to aquire a piece of white chalk from the Magical Emporium. With your piece of chalk, and handful of white powder in your inventory 'look chalk' then 'look powder'.

As a final note: If you can get your hands on the components, a friendly Wizard will likely be happy to cast the spell for you in passing. So always consider that an option to make yourself as DEATH resistant as possible.


Where would a Wizard be without his Miscilanois aptitude. Life isnt always about dancing between staying alive, and killing. Sometimes life involves less exciting tasks. Such as working a trade, or traveling from point A to B.

The assortment of Misc spells available is wide and varied so I will not be doing a complete rundown. However for the sake of importance I will be discussing travel. For no Wizard should walk farther than he has to. Due to the nature of this matter I will present the mode of Wizards travel in a logical 3 part approach.

Amazing Silicate Blorpler (ASB) is a spell that allows you to store the memory of a location inside a lump of sediment. In other words: a rock. It sounds simple enough, and it is. However there are a few steps to getting the process going that you should be made aware of. To begin with the locations of the components you will be using. Your first stop should be Ettercap St., AM. This is located on any good map west off of Short St. Here there is a tool shop that sells reasonably priced tools. You will want to purchase a hammer. The claw hammer is light weight and good for chipping pebbles off of stones. However it is not large enough to chip stones of rocks. So you'll want to keep that in mind when selecting your hammer. Next you'll want to travel up Ettercap St. and on to Quarry Lane. Here you will find the Rock Shop. Rocks of various colours can be purchased, and you will want one of two based on your various needs. It may be worth using a vault to store excess ASB'd rocks in, but we'll get to that later. The final step is for you to travel to your desired locations of portal, and cast ASB. A few examples might be the UU, Mended Drum, Vault, or Rock Shop itself.

There are three skills needed in order to cast this spell. The bonuses are low, making this an easy spell to gain access to. The necessary bonuses are: Evoking 160, Channeling 150, Chanting 150.

The special note to remember here is that once a rock knows a location, all subsequent chunks chipped off that rock know the location too. So while you may be able to cast JPCT on the rock, it's in your best interest to take your hammer and chip off a lighter stone to carry around, and then chip pebbles off that to open portals with. You may also like to use Scolorid's Scintillating Scribbling (SSS) from the Gym Tome to keep track of what locations your rocks lead too.

Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel (JPCT)

Experience (xp)


Experience Points. We all love it. We all need it. It is key to flued advancment on the Disc. The question is how do we get it when the world is so resistent to a low level Wizard? In time you will be able to rake it in like the grounds gardener does to the leaves in autum. But right now your like the same man without his trusted rake.


If I were to suggest a quick, simple, and interesting place to get started it would be the quests page. Quests give xp for completion, and are a fun way to explore the Disc while your doing it. Some are more easier than others. Some more time consuming. But considering the wealth there are on offer you should have no trouble locating a few to give you that initial boost to get you on your way.

Discworld provides a list of your quests here. Note: The sign in is your Discworld name and password.


What can I say. Kill stuff. Then bury. Just dont forget to bury! Hunting, farming, grinding, xp'ing, whatever you want to call it, it all amounts to one thing. Putting NPC's in their graves. It is the number one method gaining xp on the Disc. Over time you will learn how to whittle it down to a T, to rake it in as best you can. It's not hard. It barely even needs saying. But there you go. Early on as a Wizard you will find it difficult to do. Grouping might be your saviour. 'groups' will give you a list of currently active groups, and 'syntax group' will give you syntax to put up a request. Really though there's no reason why you cant ask on the Wizards talker channel and link up with other Wizards young or old. We have all been in your shoes.

If your looking for a few easier places to start off on your own though then I would recommend Ankh-Morpork as a general location. From there the Pepper Pot on Upper Broadway, south of the Unseen University by the Hubwards Gate is a good starting base line for hunting. There are a lot of rats in there which adds up xp when farming them. Otherwise you can take a step up and go down onto the surface of the Ankh. There you will find evil rats which are larger, stronger, and give more xp. After that you should be able to move on to Thieves and Accountants found all over Ankh-Morpork.

Just remember to bury!



Experience is great. But it means nothing when you cant spend it in your guild due to a lack of funds. I'll be frank. Without the ability to kill humanoid NPC's you will be without the loot necessary to make money. Money makes the world go round. So without it your not going anywhere. Here are a few quick tips you can use to line your pockets with things other than moths.


There are actually two ways to go about this. 1) Kill NPC's and loot they're corpses for all their worth or 2) Watch other people kill NPC's and loot what’s left on their corpses for all they're worth. They might look at you funny for a few seconds, but nobody will complain at you for recovering buried corpses and picking clean what’s left on them. Most players will loot key items. Light items. Coins, and jewellery. They will leave the expensive clothing, and heavy armour. All of which adds up to big bucks if your willing to make a few extra trips to the gen store.

Of course you don’t have to follow around someone else. Just walk the well walked areas where players travel a lot and kill NPC's along their way and type 'recover all' in each room as you go. You'll find a treasure horde sooner or later.

The Ankh

Find one of the bridges that cross over onto Gods-Collar and head 'down'. Head north onto the muddy part of the Ankh. NPC's frequently travel down and over this area. What you'll find is that their boots get stuck in the mud. Some of these are worth quite a bit of money, and it quickly adds up. The gen store is not far away either. Just be careful you don’t loose your own boots while scavenging.

Searching the streets of Ankh-Morpork

This is a good chance to exercise your 'search' command. Stand around in any street in AM and spam it. You'll find lots of junk to sell, uncover lots of rats and cockroaches to kill for bonus xp, and TM other.points like crazy. You'll also gain a foul odour for your troubled. But that’s nothing a little airing out cant fix.

The Pepper Pot

The Pepper Pot is located on Upper Broadway, south of the Unseen University by the Hubwards Gate in Ankh-Morpork. The process is simple. The place is a storehouse for grains. Rat's love grains. The storehouse keeper does not love rats. Yet the place is crawling with them. Go inside and slay rats. You may want to use magic to TM with while your doing this. Get their tails, and return them to the

Wizard Provision

Scrolls are constantly in demand. If you can scribe JPCT then your in business. Check out and talk with your local P-shop owner for scroll demands and how much they might pay you for a steady trade. If your willing to put in the time you can make a huge amount of money selling scrolls.

There are also other services a Wizard can provide given he has the necessary skills early on. You might have to get funds a few other ways to get those skills up to providing magical assistance before that though. But keep it in mind regardless.

The Wibble Fund

Finally the Wibble Fund. The Wibble fund is a part of Faculty, a player run club that seeks to regulate some order within the Wizarding community. The Wibble Fund in particular offers scholarships to give you funding to get going in your studies. More comprehensive information can be found here.