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Initial Advice


The topic of Rearranging is one of the most brought up and thoroughly discussed topics there is on the Wizards channel of the talker. So much so that everyone has been so busy talking about it, and doing it so much so that they've brought it to the point of death, that no one has had the energy left to write anything down. But I for one have grown old and tired of both the discussion, and lack of reading material on the subject, and so have decided to get on to the task myself.

I believe the important place to start with is on the one thing we all agree upon. If you are thinking of rearranging for the first time, and you ask for advice, the immediate response will be 'Dont'. I wholeheartedly agree. That may seem odd at first, but you will quickly come to realise that you are not being told to keep 'all 13's', but rather that you should not rush into a rearrange, and should instead take a long time to consider exactly what it is you want. And lets be honest: there is no rush. As boring as it may sound 'all 13's' isn’t a bad 'rearrange' for the time being. In terms of magic it will give you a solid baseline of bonuses for your skills that will see you through all your early levels of spells and magic.

So the initial advice is to stop, pause what you were thinking, and take a long time to consider all that there is to consider before rearranging. It may even be easier just to say 'Don’t'. You've asked the question, and that is the first step. But now look out across this journey into the strange realm of rearranging, and realise that it is not a quick journey, but rather a long careful one. Rush into it if you want, but don’t complain in the next moment when you start to find and fall into all kinds of trouble. Rearranges, like tattoos, are for life.

So you want to Rearrange?


So you've raised the question. If you did this on the talker channel then it's safe to say that the place would be a buzz with conversation, and overlapping opinions. I think it's safe to say that everyone is fair when it comes to the different choices and perspectives on rearranging. But still we tend to make sure every aspect is thoroughly challenged, critiqued, and rejoined. Here I want to give you a few specific things to think about when looking at your unique rearrange.

One question that will be asked of you is 'What sort of Wizard do you want to be?' Easy question right? It is an attempt at provoking what ideas you have about yourself, your character, and your freedom of time in the game. What is it you do? What is it you want to do? How do you like to play the game? Are you a Number Chaser, PK, or Role Player? All of this and more is rolled up into that first thought provoking question. Answering it may be easy for you, but even if it is that doesn’t mean you know how that answer impacts practically in the game. So what of your specific answer?

The game essentially breaks down into skill bonuses. Nowhere can that be more troubling than the Wizards skill tree. It is large and full of special areas, and methods. Perhaps the second thing we would all agree upon is that 'A Wizard needs every stat'. Which is true. There is something with which he could benefit from throughout every stat. The question is what exactly do we want? Some are more prevalent than others, but here are some you might find yourself thinking about.

Personally I have come to discover a way with which I go about looking into the factors of a rearrange. I start with the question above, and then look into the logistics of it. Here I will break down what I believe are the important areas you will want to consider.

-With the answer to your question in mind head here- bonuses.darkmud.co.uk. Skills, Stats and Bonuses is one of the greatest Discworld sites I've come across. I visit it frequently.

-Next click on Skill/stat relationship. Have a look at the tables and figure them out. Each skill has a number which represents the bonus given by each adjoining stat. In the magic tree particularly you will see Int plays a heavy roll throughout all skills. On either side various stats will add to the overall bonus of your skill tree depending on how you choose to rearrange. Keep this window open, and move on to the next stage.

-Now open up a new window, The Bonus Computer. Select the Magic tree. Your stats should all be 13's if this is the first time you've gone to the site, which is fine. Leave that for the moment. Now, go down through each and every level box and put '300' inside. Once done hit the 'calculate' button. Immediately you will see bonuses appear in all the adjoining boxes. These are what you want to be looking at. Now, have a look at the Skill/Stat relationship page, and see which skills it is you want to have high bonuses in. Then go over to the Bonus Computer and raise the stats of those skills at the top while dropping the ones you don’t need. Remember that the total should always come to 65 (we will ignore the presence of stat items). Now, play around with these figures, hitting calculate, and see what the effects of your possible rearranges are.

Let's assume that 300 bonus at 300 levels is base average and 'ok'. Anything below average is 'below average/bad', and if we move below 290 bonus it would be what I'd consider 'crap'. You will have a painstaking time raising those bonuses should you ever wish to. Moving above the 300 bonus line however, if it's above 310 it's 'good', with to or above 320 being 'quite good', then moving right up to the 'excellent' which might be near or around 360 bonus, with 'insane' being 376 (which is the best you can pull out of a skill with a raw two stat split). Have a play around, and see what you come up with.

Remember, the focus here is to get the best out of the skills you really want. I would suggest taking special care with the magic.spells tree, as it largely determines the overall/end power of many spells. Having an 'ok' to 'crap' ma.sp.de bonus for example will mean having trouble achieving the better floating shields for EFF, not to mention a weaker TPA. It is something to bear in mind.

-Next visit the HitPoint Calculator. Using your preferred Con and Str scores, add in your weight and have a play around with ot.he levels. Since you can get 25 levels from the guild start there. See how many hp's you get. Then try a nice attainable goal of 100 or 150 levels. You'll be interested in advancing HP anyway, and this shouldn’t cost you to much xp when you're wanting to focus on other things. While 300 is a nice round number, and our average for most other things (especially when advancing), you might like to ask yourself 'how many hit points do I want overall?'. 2k? 2.5? More? Put in the levels and see how many you will need to get that amount. Using this figure (of levels) you can go to the The Manic Panic Machine, and see how much it will cost you in xp to reach that goal.

-Next is Guild Points. But don’t bother to click on the link in the side bar (or do and find out why not). Instead have a look at your magic.points bonus in your Bonus Computer page, and add 50. That will give you your guild points at 300 levels of magic.points, which is also a primary for all Wizards. The thing to take note of here is that the better the bonus, the more gp you will get from raising it to higher levels post guild max. If you are going to be doing heavy duty spell casting, and churning through gp's in other ways, you are going to want high gp's. However, it's my opinion that players tend to play according to their abilities. So gp are something you learn to live with. I suggest taking note of your overall gp's, but not worrying about it. It's nice to have lots for a bunch of different reasons. But you can get by on few if you have to.

-Now select Regeneration Rates. Put in your stats once again, and hit calculate. HP/GP regenerate per the second, also known as a heartbeat. HP and GP regen never fall below 2 no matter the rearrange. HP can go up as high as 6 points per second. GP can never breach 4. In terms of bad to good, 2 is a terrible rate, 3 is average, and 4 is good. It's likely you will have some combination of these two.

So what's important to consider? Depending on your style of play, HP-regen might be irrelevant, or necessary. If you are going to go the full magic shields route, HP is irrelevant. You should never be taking physical damage. EFF, TPA, and finally CCC should be soaking up everything while you fight and run away. If you do take damage, then once your shields are up again you can slowly heal with a 2hp regen and be fine. It will also recover minor spell backfire damage in the same way. In this case, HP-regen is not a concern of yours.

If however you wish to be a warrior in disguise, and risk taking the physical damage more often, relying on your melee defence skills, then I would suggest at least a 3hp regen. Only because I know how painful a 2hp regen is. It may only seem like 1hp a second, but it makes a tremendous difference in actual play. But enough with HP.

Because a 2 point regen is torture, and likely death, I recommend nothing short of a 3gp regen. Spells eat up a lot of gp, and very quickly, so you will need those gp's regening all the time to keep you moving. 3gp is manageable, probably with some minor waits at times. But a 4gp regen will make you a house of power. If you are considering wearing Iron Gauntlets (str gaunts +2), then I recommend a 4gp regen to help keep up with the demands they put on your gp pool. You could probably wear them constantly, maybe creating the type of play a 3gp regen offers. With a 3gp regen and str gaunts, it's likely you will use them at specific times. So that's one thing to bear in mind. Otherwise for most people gp regen falls into the same category of overall GP, in that you learn to live with what your rearrange creates as an outcome. You may like to strive for something specific however.

-Next it's worth taking a look at your other.perception bonus, especially if you are considering being PK. Already needing the mental stats, we Wizards have a natural advantage against theft, and covert skills, PK in particular. Your bonus in other.perception might bare your consideration, so I will merely point it out for you to have a look at. Perception is also one of the often positive, overlooked bonuses of a rearrange that makes use of Wisdom.

-Burden. There is no page I can give you that will be able to tell you exactly how you are going to be affected by your chosen inventory, and strength needs. You are going to have to have a play and see for yourself. But regardless burden needs to be reviewed however it can be because it has a dramatic effect in game play. Wizards have little use for strength when it comes to magic (offensive bonuses aside). Unfortunately Wizards are often called upon to carry their luggage. Namely in the form of spell components, and it adds up. Personally I get by on 8 Str, as low as it can go, with a pair of Iron Gauntlets (+2 Str) when I want/need them. I am a 10 Str Wizard when you break down to it. With that, keeping my inventory neat and trim, I can manage a good deal of spell components, most being lighter (no 20 torches for me), coins, and light loot (jewellery/clothes) without hassle or breaching the 50%, -1 Dex, burden threshold. But I play a unique style of Wizard based on my rearrange. You will find that most Wizards tend to take 12 Str, partly for burden, partly to utilise bonuses. Iron Gauntlets are added to further boost bonuses, and to carry particularly heavy loads. How you decide to rearrange will likely depend on what you want in bonuses and combat (with or without components i.e. melee). Note that you may be interested to know that we have magical means of moving/carrying heavy loads and objects using spells.

-Spell Storage is dependant on your ma.sp.sp. The higher the better. You will find that you never have enough, so finding a good - quite good - excellent ma.sp.sp bonus will be a nice bonus to your rearrange. Typically though this is not a deciding factor, but rather another benefit, or pain to your decided rearrange.

-If you would one day like to consider Teaching, then a review of your other.teaching.magic bonus might be in order. Teaching, in my opinion, is a lovers affair. If it's something you want to get to do for the love of it, then look into it now ahead of time. If you're looking to it for an xp-cash-cow, then you might be looking in the wrong place. The amount of xp needed to compete with top-teachers is likely to far out way the returns unless you are hell-bent on becoming dedicated as an available and desired teacher. Even then it could take you years to make back what you spent on ot.te.ma alone to get your teaching bonuses. If you're a number chaser, you will find you will gain xp faster out in the field killing, than you will taking time out to stop and teach someone a few levels every now and again. It's entirely up to you what you do, I only offer this advice for you to consider.

-Finally Melee. It couldn’t go by without a mention. Go back to your Bonus Computer, and select Fighting. Once again fill the boxes in with the base average 300 levels. Using your desired 'Magic' rearrange in the stats fields, hit computer. My advice for melee is to look down the skills and see what comes out at the highest bonuses. This might be your choice as a melee alternative. It couldn’t be more simple. If you're wanting to be a Wizard-Wizard, and not a Fighter-Wizard, then this is my recommended approach to melee. You'll have something, but since it's not your main focus of play you wont be spilling over trying to achieve dominance in it. That means with what you do put into it, you'll get the most return from it.

If you do desire to be a Fighter-in-disguise-as-a-Wizard Wizard, then you may like to approach this differently. If that's the case I suggest you locate an appropriate melee-combative site and seek advice there. I am only trying to cater to the other type of Wizard.

Practical Magic (Examples)


8, Dex 08, Int 21, Str 8, Wis 20
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. Mine is an unusual rearrange for most everybody. Mostly it emphesis magic, most importantly ma.po and the ma.sp.* tree, aswell as giving me amazing mindspace and things like perception. However I really wanted to be a teacher and thanks to this rearrange that makes it easier to do.


13, Dex 9, Int 20, Str 14, Wis 9
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. I like the concept of being a wizard that actually plays like a wizard. As opposed to a wizard which is basically a warrior with portal...
Q. So what is it about your rearrange that you feel makes it 'Wizardy'
A. Well it fits my Order near perfectly. Provides good over-all stability for nearly all spells, and excels in the areas such as Elementals, whilst providing quite nice bonuses in Offensive and Defensive.


13, Dex 13, Int 13, Str 13, Wis 13
Q: lets just assume that's your chosen rearrange- What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. Because even if there's nothing I excel at, there's nothing I suck at either. :p
A. At some point I'll rearrange to 12 str, 12 con, 14 dex, 15 int, 12 wis, because that increases the bonus in every skill I use apart from climbing and health.
A. I'm being a bit silly really, because I combine dagger with an eff, which is impossible to rearrange for.
A. It's not something I'd recommend to anyone planning to numberchase seriously, but it's fine for a bit of fun.


8, Dex 13, Int 21, Str 12, Wis 11
Q. What is the primary reason for that chosen rearrange?
A. It's a heavy magic rearrange. Huge Int gives good bonuses in all the magic disciplines. I'm reducing con because I can replace ot.he with xp, and I tm elementals nicely - I've already tm'd fire past 300 twice. Getting the dex up will help with the crafts and stealing I like doing as well as magic.
A. I ought to add that my stats have evolved over time. I could not have sustained this rearrange as a younger wizard, but increasing powers mean that I have strategies (and very high levels in certain skills) which compensate for the highly unbalanced stats I now have.
Q.Do you recall your original rearrange?
A. C13 D11 I20 S11 W10, I think.
A. So what I've done is gradually reduce con and redistribute it over the rest. And in the process given up all hope of ever casting JHSD. It's the torches, you know ;)


10, Dex 10, Int 18, Str 15, Wis 12
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. *Unknown*


8, Dex 12, Int 18, Str 15, Wis 12
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. Because it worked decently for stealing, as well as giving me a nice boost in EHA (Effermhor's Hypersonic Assault) and TIG (Torqvald's Illusion Generator)
A. Also, it gave me a fairly decent sword bonus.
Q. So Illusions were something that grabbed your interested from the start then?
A. I was an assassin. Then I learned about TIG, and refreshed.


12, Dex 12, Int 17, Str 14, Wis 10
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. Really, it came from disgust with how weak NES (nargl'frob's empyrean spear) seemed to be, and realizing that a rearrange for JHSD (journey of the heavenly storm dragon) was just stupid. Stupid for someone at my level who wasn't a circle, I mean. Once I arrived at that conclusion, gimping wis was a pretty easy decision to make. Str went up for good Offensive, and because I tend to carry a lot of stuff.
Q. So your chosen rearrange was based purely on a factor of offensive capabilities then?
A. Offense was the biggest factor. And I do like being able to carry a lot and stay in the 20-30 burden range.
Q. Do you use melee as well?
A. Not very much. If I pragi someone to very bad, I might use the stilettos to finish up with.


13, Dex 14, Int 16, Str 10, Wis 12
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. I was intending to maximize my bonus in magic, specifically in the most used skills (at higher levels, nobody cares what you need for FTF etc.)


8, Dex 14, Int 19, Str 14, Wis 10
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. I have high str and dex to carry heavier loads. I have a ‘ok’ wisdom so that I can cast dkdd (Doctor Kelleflump's Deadly Demon). Con I keep low because I can subsidise the skills that use it with xp e.g. elementals and HP. Obviously Str and Dex affect other things like how much you can hold, carry etc that xp can't solve. I wouldn’t go over 19 int seeing as since the change it wont give the same benefit that it used to.


18, Dex 9, Int 20, Str 8, Wis 10
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. The sole reason for my rearrange is to cast JHSD

Comments: Alatar's high int/con gave him brilliant elementals bonuses at low levels, wich mean he can gain a high mastery of them. Meanwhile the con/int/wis all go into brilliant ma.sp.de. His ma.sp.of bonus is really terrible however, taking a hit to max damage. However I'm inclined to think he's less likely to kill himself with a backfire at that stage which is an upside, as well as the fact that he only has the one skill to pump xp into (ma.sp.of) to 'fix' the bonus.

20, Int 19, Wis 10, Con 8, Dex 8
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A: I wanted high ma.sp.of, to be able to wear armour, and carry a crap load of components.


Mayian (PK)
11, Dex 13, Int 16, Str 17, Wis 8
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. Id say I try to have a balance between my magic skills, and fighting. With my 16 Int I have decent enough bonus's in the spells that I cast, and the rest of my rearrange is geared towards not-great but workable fighting bonus's.


Emrys (PK)
8, Dex 14, Int 18, Str 13, Wis 12
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. (Pending)


Cripsi (PK)
Con 10, Dex 12, Int 15, Str 13, Wis 15
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. good methods, good tactics/perception, with strength gauntlets i can hold a fair amount of components, and I don't have the best melee in the world but it's enough to get 300 bonuses in melee+defense without needing 600 levels for the 300 bonus.
Q. And how does that end out working for you in the wide world of PK?
A. It worked alright at a surviving level, but as magic is sometimes to slow to fight more experienced PK's it's not the greatest rearrange in the world. i imagine it would be a lot better with more skills, but relying on just one skill tree in PK isn't a good thing, combat is needed to for a wizard (as we don't get faith)


Kripsi (PK)
8, Dex 20, Int 14, Str 15, Wis 8
Q. What would you say is the primary reason for your chosen rearrange?
A. After almost 50 days with Cripsi's rearrange, I could see that relying heavily on magic wasn't working. This rearrange is for combat, so i become a warrior that can remember spells. This is mostly because with magic, i found it gets to good at 300-400 bonuses, in 5 or 6 skills per spell. it doesn't get amazing until 500-600 bonuses, which is a lot more expensive than doing sword/dodge to 500/600 bonuses. so i guess the main reason is that I'll be completely able to fight in PK, and on top of that I'll have magic in my head so no scrolls blowing up on me and more spells than the average PK can really carry around.